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Seth Coffing Shares Ten Lessons About Life That Football Can Teach Us

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The moment the wind starts to shift and you smell the familiar scent of autumn lingering in the air, you know it’s almost time for football season. 


Whether you play football yourself, or enjoy gathering family and friends around your TV every Sunday to watch the games, there are many life lessons that watching football can teach a person without even realizing it. Here, an accomplished coach Seth Coffing shares ten life lessons we can learn from the game of football.


1. How to Have Fun


The most important lesson from watching football is how to let loose have fun. 


Think about it; the excitement and thrill of the game and watching it with friends and family is nothing but fun every week.


2. Work Hard, Play Hard


Being a hard worker applies to football, but it also applies to nearly everything you put your mind to in the real world. 


3. Be a Team Player


You don’t have to play football to learn sportsmanship and the importance of working together. Watching the game does that, too.


Working together goes beyond the football field; you must collaborate with your coworkers, friends, and family every day to make things happen every day.


4. How to Push Through


Many football players must push through an injury to win. The same goes for real life. You may be going through a tough time, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.


5. Don’t Take Off Before You’re Ready


When a player takes off with the ball before he’s ready, he trips. Take that into consideration before you start a new project.


6. Be Smart – Prepare


Every football player devotes hours every day towards a game. Whether it’s working out or studying the playbook, they put in the time necessary to be ready, and although they work hard, it’s also about playing smart. 


7. Be Great at One Thing


You might be good with many things, but really focus your attention on one thing in particular, and make that thing your specialty.


Figure out what you need to work on and improve your ability to do that thing over time to reduce your weaknesses in life, but also have a skill you are fluent with.


8. Have a Good Defense


Yeah, offense is important too, but having a good defense is everything in the game. It’s the same in real life - prepare yourself for the unexpected.


9. Aim to Win


Of course, your main goal in life should be to win, just like it’s the football team’s goal to win the game. 


10. Have a Good Offense, Too


If you’re going to win anything, you need to accomplish things. In order to do that, you need to set your mind to something and tackle your challenges. 


About Seth Coffing:


Seth Coffing is a devoted coach, mentor, and leader with a proven track record. Since high school, he has been accumulating victories in football, basketball, and baseball, and he has continued to do so in his 19-year-long coaching career. Seth Coffing is a team leader adept at working with people of different ages and backgrounds, helping them perform at the highest levels.

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